VoIP Technology for Call Center Business

A call center, or customer service center, is for a company that provides customer service via telephone. Some major call centers are located in the United States, India, and China. VoIP services for call centers were developed to provide cost-effective telephony to a business, as opposed to the traditional phone lines or PSTN lines.

Telephone conversations can be recorded and played back later so they can be more effective and not lose any time on hold times while listening to music. VoIP call centers can also offer the business a variety of advantages.

The VoIP services call center can be accessed through the internet and is an alternative, cheaper way to communicate. You do not need to have a dedicated telephone line as you would in a standard telephone call center. The call center software is able to link with computers that are running Microsoft Outlook, allowing them to manage their voicemails on the computer. Customer service representatives can access their voice mails by email or manually through an application such as Outlook Express or even on an iPod.

Some VoIP services call centers are equipped with skype, enabling the customer service representatives to make calls from their computers or cell phones. This means they can see the other parties caller ID and be able to see the other party’s caller ID when they pick up a call that was placed using Skype. The caller ID can identify which customer service representative is calling at any given point and who the caller is. It is this that makes it possible for call center agents to be more efficient while on the phone by not having to ask, “Who called?”

It also allows them to answer phone calls in a more efficient way because they are not being distracted from their tasks by having someone screen their call.

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