Why Does She Ignore Me

Why does a woman act this way towards their man? What has happened in her life that has led to this? Why does she ignore me when she’s around me? Why does she tease me and make fun of me even when I’m not around? Why does she put up with my smelly breath, my constant barking, my moodiness, my whining and my constant bickering friends? Why does she ignore me?

I’ve given you some of the answers to these questions. But if you would really want to know the reason behind all this you would have to dig deep inside yourself. Why does she ignore me? What has happened that has made her decide to not have anything to do with me? Why would I be the only one who would suffer from this kind of relationship? Why does she ignore me if she likes me.

You need to get to the bottom of your own problems before trying to comfort a woman. A woman would not ignore another woman because she feels guilty or because she is worried about being abandoned. A woman will break up with a man she barely knows just so that she can have a smoke without being suspicious of her own smell. A woman is often a little bit jealous of another woman because she would like to appear to be happy, successful and in control of all aspects of her life. She wants to feel like she runs the show.

Now these reasons sound very logical and rational. Why does a woman do this? Is she just a needy person? Is she suffering from low self esteem? If these are indeed the reasons, then why does a woman ignore you?

The answer to the last question is simple. Women love drama. In fact they are emotional junkies. So, if a woman is always happy-go-lucky and seems to have no problems with sharing emotions and talking to other people, then she would seem like a great companion for you.

However, if a woman would act the other way around, talk rudely and treat you in an indifferent manner, then she would surely fall out of love with you. She would not care about you as a person. It may be that you have ignored her for months. But would you still love her? I’m guessing no.

It’s the same case with men. If a man ignores his partner for months, then eventually he would end up losing interest. He would be ready to move on to greener pastures if his girlfriend is constantly moody, argumentative and spoils him. It will happen sooner if she is constantly doing something to annoy you.

When a woman ignores you, she is actually saying that she doesn’t care about you. That’s really hurtful. It hurts more if you ask her to forgive you for hurting her. Even if your relationship seems hopeless right now, try to think positive.

Why does she ignore me? The answer is simple. She doesn’t want to be with someone like me. If she was in my shoes, would I constantly find myself thinking: “What should I do to make her love me more?” Of course not!

You see, women don’t only base their choices on looks. They also base it on personality. If a woman is not attracted to you, then she won’t spend the time trying to convince you. It’s just not in her character to make relationships based on looks and money. Hence, she would rather go for someone who is confident, funny and intelligent.

Why does she ignore me? Because she finds a different man (or woman) who can fulfill her need to be wanted. A man who can take care of her wants and needs and someone who can fulfill her desires. If you still feel lost and wonder why she doesn’t return your phone calls and emails, then you need to work on yourself.

In order to become the man that she so desperately wants, you need to improve yourself. Improve your confidence and get rid of any self-doubt. Stop thinking about what you look like and about your shortcomings. Work on your strengths and share your goals with your close friends and family. These are things that she won’t be able to help you with.

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