Why Is Monitoring of Lone Workers Important?

Monitoring Of Lone Workers is the practice of empowering and appropriately equipping individuals to offer a secure working environment and peace of mind. However, lone employees’ lives are in danger because of the risk of hostility, physical confrontation, and aggressiveness, especially if they are separated from someone who can assist in an emergency. Consequently, an organisation’s duty of care includes a continual process of detecting and monitoring risks, estimating risks, and taking action to lessen or eradicate the risks.

The Identicom device is completely under the user’s control. An audio link is established with the careful press of a button, and a skilled member of the group can analyse your situation and arrange for further acceleration as required.

Lone working has both risks environmental and social, and it impacts employees at all levels of an organisation, including full and part-time employees and all industries. When combined with our superior ARC to monitor hazardous situations, the SoloProtect Identicom gadget gives a straightforward and customised approach.

The SoloProtect lone worker system is completely integrated, BS8484 and EN50518 compliant, and intended to provide companies with a practical and straightforward approach to safeguard all lone workers. As their preferred lone worker monitoring device, more than 200,000 individuals now choose Identicom.

Criminal legislation, such as The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, refers particularly to a company held liable for the death of an employee due to a flaw in its operations or methods. A company might expect to pay a fine of a minimal several hundred thousand pounds if successfully prosecuted under the Corporate Manslaughter Act.

Negligence at its worst Manslaughter charges can also be pursued concurrently with a Corporate Manslaughter inquiry if the Crown believes that people inside the company have a case to answer.

SoloProtect makes a career by supervising workers as a lone worker. It is our enthusiasm, and we work hard to provide the finest service and responsiveness to your lone employees. Consequently, we make lone working employees safer and happier. Thus, they are more productive, knowing that they can contact SoloProtect at any time of day or night.

Maintaining contact and monitoring.

Maintaining track of your lone workers and communicating with them is crucial. Assure that they understand any monitoring system and processes that you employ. It might include: 

With pre-agreed intervals of regular contact, using radios, email, phones knowing where lone workers are, and other gadgets for alerting the alarm, used automatically or manually for health and safety for lone work. A secure system to make sure a lone worker has departed to their base after completing their task.

Test these systems and other emergency protocols regularly to ensure that lone employees can be notified if a problem or emergency is discovered.

What are the benefits of using staff tracking systems?

Employee tracking systems are intended to aid companies in monitoring the safety of their employees and giving additional assistance to those who need it. Keeping track of your employees’ whereabouts may be beneficial for a variety of safety and operational reasons, including:


  • Management of additional working hours
  • Maintaining a record of the delivery route and progress
  • Auditing
  • Transferring mobile personnel between sites and giving nearby jobs


  • Monitoring whether workers are working the proper hours
  • Making sure that staff are not violating traffic rules, like speeding.

Remote and lone worker protection

  • Tracking an employee’s whereabouts is critical if they work remotely or alone.

What exactly is a lone worker tracking system?

A lone worker monitoring system is a technology that allows employers to easily monitor their employees’ safety and location while they are on the job. Employees can notify their emergency services or employer, who will respond promptly. If an emergency occurs, lowering the amount of danger to the lone worker and preventing escalation.

Employee monitoring solutions for the monitoring of lone workers allow organisations to know where their staff location is when they are working away from a particular site. Whether through a smart device, wearable technology or mobile app. They may be readily addressed, while workers may have privacy concerns about these lone worker monitoring solutions at first. Only lone workers can be tracked using tracking devices, and data is shared with the emergency services to protect lone workers.

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