Will American Airlines Waive Change Fee?

As one of the leading airlines in the aviation industry, American Airlines is known for providing passengers with first-class facilities so that they can enjoy their journey easily. It is a customer-friendly airline, so it will meet the needs of passengers and provide corresponding facilities. Sometimes your plan will change and you will have to modify your existing American Airlines booking. Airlines usually charge passengers a flight change fee, but you can cleverly avoid this in many ways. You can dial American Airlines reservations phone number for detailed information on their fee waiver.

American Airlines Change Fee Waiver Announcements

  • From January 1st, American Airlines has cancelled most domestic and international airline ticket change fees, but this newly extended exemption also includes basic economy class seats.
  • However, if the customer transfers to a more expensive flight, the customer will be responsible for paying the fare difference, and fare rules may apply, depending on the ticket. 
  • As part of this exemption, customers can also change their origin and/or destination city without penalty. As early as August 2020, American Airlines announced for the first time its decision to cancel all first-class, business-class, premium economy and economy-class change fees for all domestic and short-haul international flights and began to allow passengers to wait for free. 
  • Another significant policy change that was put into effect on 1st of Jan is that American Airlines’ basic economy class tickets will no longer earn elite-qualifying dollars, miles, or flight segments for customers’ future status.

How to waive flight change fees

American Airlines will charge a fee of $75 to modify your itinerary. However, we have compiled a list of smart tips and tricks, with the help of these tips and tricks, you can easily waive this extra money.

Change flight within 24 hours of booking

The best and most convenient option to change your booking is to make the necessary changes within 24 hours of the purchase at no additional cost. No matter which fare type you choose when booking, flight changes within 24 hours after booking are completely free.

Check for the fee waiver

If the flight is cancelled, the airline will refund the money to the passenger’s account. Therefore, it is recommended that you understand the current status and information of the flight before making any changes to the itinerary and check for exemptions. If the airline cancels or delays the flight for a specific reason, you can modify the booking without paying any additional fees.

Find a legitimate reason

The flight change fee is waived to find a valid reason for making changes in your booking, such as illness, natural disasters, or anything beyond your control. Dial American airlines español to get updated information on their Flight change policy.

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