WordPress Developer Interview Questions and Answers

There is a list of top frequently asked WordPress interview questions and answers are given below.

1. What is WordPress?

Ans – WordPress is a free open-source content administration framework (CMS) composed PHP language. The primary rendition of WordPress was delivered in 2003. It permits clients to make dynamic sites from individual online journals to E-business.

2. What is a module in WordPress?

Ans – In WordPress, Plugins are a piece of code that contains at least one capacities written to stretch out and add to the usefulness of a current WordPress site. The module offers custom capacities and gives many highlights so every client can fit their site to their particular prerequisites.


  1.  Akismet
  2.  Exemplary Editor

3. Where is WordPress Content put away?

Ans – The WordPress substance are put away in the MySQL data set on the server.

4. Differences between posts and pages in WordPress

Ans –

1. Posts are dynamic content.1. Pages are static content.
2. Posts are timed entries.2. Pages are timeless entries.
3. Posts aren’t permanent entries.3. Pages are permanent entries.

5. For what reason does WordPress use MySQL?

Ans – WordPress utilizes MySQL in light of the fact that there are some after reasons:

  1. MySQL is an open-source data set server.
  2. It is a broadly open information base server.
  3. It is amazingly quick than the other data set server.
  4. It is upheld by some minimal expense Linux has.

6. What number of default tables in WordPress?

Ans – There are 12 tables in WordPress, those are:

I. wp_options

ii. wp_users

iii. wp_links

iv. wp_commentmeta

v. wp_term_relationships

vi. wp_postmeta

vii. wp_posts

viii. wp_term_taxonomy

ix. wp_usermeta

x. wp_terms

xi. wp_termmeta

xii. wp_comments

7. What is the prefix of WordPress default tables?

Ans – wp_ is the prefix of WordPress default tables.

8. What is WordPress circle?

Ans – In WordPress, The Loop is the PHP code used to show posts.

9. What is Child Theme in WordPress?

Ans – The expansion of a parent subject is known as a youngster topic.

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10. How to run an information base inquiry on WordPress?

Ans – WordPress’ Query work permits you to execute any SQL question on the WordPress data set. It is best utilized when there is a requirement for explicit, custom or complex SQL questions. It has the accompanying grammar:

  • $wpdp->query(‘query’);

11. What do you mean by Custom field in WordPress?

Ans – It is a component in WordPress which permits clients to add extra data when composing a post. It additionally alluded to as post meta.

12. What is scientific classification?

Ans – In WordPress, a scientific categorization is a gathering component for certain posts. There are two sorts of default scientific categorizations in WordPress. Those are:

  1. Class
  2. Tag

13. What are shippers in WordPress?

Ans – In WordPress, Importers are modules that give the usefulness to import a mass XML document with quite a few records. It empowers to import of Posts, Page, Custom Posts and Users information in a XML document.

14. How might you incapacitate remarks in WordPress?

Ans – To handicap remarks in WordPress, there are some after advances:

Step1: Login to your WordPress Admin Panel.

Step2: Go the settings menu.

Step3: Under settings menu click on Discussion.

Step4: Uncheck Allow individuals to post remarks on new articles.

Step5: Click on the save changes button.

15. What are snares?

Ans – Hooks are a conventional term in WordPress that permit your module into the remainder of the WordPress, by calling your custom capacities at explicit occasions.

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16. What number of kinds of snares in WordPress? clarify it.

Ans – In WordPress, There are two kinds of snares:

I. Activities Hooks: It is a PHP work that is executed at explicit focuses all through the WordPress Core.

ii. Channels Hooks: It permits us to get and change WordPress information before it is shipped off the data set/program, utilizing our custom capacities.

17. Contrast among incorporate and require.

Ans – If a mistake happens, the incorporate() work creates an admonition, however the content will proceed with execution.

The require() produces a deadly mistake, and the content will stop.

18. What are the layout labels in WordPress?

Ans – In WordPress, layouts labels are PHP capacities that are utilized to show data progressively or modifying blog format.


I. get_header()

ii. get_footer()

iii. bloginfo()

iv. wp_title()

v. wp_enqueue_script()

vi. category_description()

19. What capacity is utilized to get the site URL in WordPress?

Ans – get_site_url() work is utilized to get site url in wordpress.

20. What are the standards that you need to observe for WordPress module advancement?

Ans – There are some observing guidelines to foster WordPress module

  1. Make a novel name
  2. Make the envelope of Plugin
  3. Make a sub-envelope for PHP documents, interpretations, and resources.
  4. Make the fundamental module document and top off the header data.
  5. Make actuation and de-enactment capacities.
  6. Make a uninstall script.
  7. Make a readme.txt document.
  8. Distinguishing the ways to module document, utilize legitimate capacities and constants.

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