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I’ll get you details as soon as i have them all rounded up. I experienced it on os 10.8.5 in ableton, i dont recall if I had downloaded the 32 or 64 bit but I know I have 64 bit here on my laptop and it works fine – haven’t seen that issue.

also for clarification it’s the plugin options that get greyed out, not the MIDI thru settings.

VST (I thought we couldn’t make AUs?)

I believe everyone who has reported this has said they were using ableton.. again i’ll do my best to round up all the details I can from ppl.

Hey If I select the options while in reaper when I’m building the VST for mac could that trigger a “hard code” of these settings?

I’ve been asked if I could hard code the settings so ppl dont need to check three things every time they load the plug in (input from host, output to host, Plugin Host-> Output Device)… is there any way for me or you to do that so when users load the plugin all they need to do is designate the MIDI in/out ports within the MIDI menu?

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