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      I see some people code so in spare time maybe someone can help out. I wanted to outline a few things that i need to do, and maybe someone else can do them and help out this way. Theese are sclasses that need to do a specific job.

      1. CtrlrMasterClock class, a MIDI clock class (running in a high priority thread), generating MIDI clock events and informing all listeners (async)

      2. CtrlrMutator class, a GUI and engine for a Randomizer with options. This is a “do it as you think is right” sort of project. Generaly randomizing modulator values based on whatever criteria might come to mind. With a nice GUI

      3. CtrlrMIDISettings, a GUI for midi settings, there is a Forum thread with examples, this is mainly graphics work, i can do the implementation beneath the graphics. This needs to scale to all size (it can’t be a static collection of PNGs). It would be nice to have SVG for graphics here.

      4. Leaving Luabind/Boost and moving to something that does not require Boost, like https://github.com/vinniefalco/LuaBridge

      5. CtrlrMIDIMessage, remove ValueTree member for live value storage to speed things up, do updates async on the properties

      6. CtrlrEnvelope component, a component that draws envelopes (ADSR like) with all the properties needed to save it’s state and restore it later. The one that’s there right now is not a good idea.

      7. Embedding of resources for instance export on Linux. This needs to update the ELF binary with the panel and resources (a special segment of the ELF binary can hold custom data). The same idea as on Windows “resources inside binary”.

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        This is all about skills and practice, nowadays it is more easy to get assistance from Expert. Many platforms are assisting with every feasibility and efficiency, here in US american class hub are trending for Academic students who are getting rid of exhaustive learning.

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