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The current version of my version of the MKS70/JX10 panel can be found here

Several things still need to be done on the panel, namely:

  • all of Tone B controls (which i can’t test as i’m on 1.05)
    a GUI for the enveloppes
    making the dropdown menus work (selecting waveforms and ranges don’t work at the moment because of what i suspect is a ctrlr bug)
    overall layout design
  • I am currently stuck with the parameters still not updating until moving the alpha dial, despite showing the correct value on the synth.
    I tried applying and not applying the Roland checksum, and looked everywhere I could to find a global parameter to reduce the Sysex transmission speed.

    Instead of duplicating the PG800 layout, the idea is to offer a design that allows for an overview of both tones, as well as a new part that will allow for controls of both tones parameters at once.

    I hope this will be of interest to someone 🙂

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