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Just to follow up with this improvement…

I experimented with the plug-in in Ableton, and I found that Ableton will not save the plug-in window’s configuration parameters if you click the floppy disk icon and save the plug-in’s state. It does save the preset within Ableton in the User Library, which is fantastic.

The easy way to be able to have the same configured parameters included in the plug-in window is to create a set in Ableton with the CRTRL plug-in on a channel. Click the configure button and click away on the panel’s sliders to include them in the plug-in window. Save the project. Now anytime that you want to pull out the plug-in window with all of the automation-enabled parameters in the plug-in window, just find the set you created with the plug-in, and drag’n’drop it into the current project. It should bring the plug-in window just as you saved it in its original set, with all of the parameters “configured” and ready to go!

I super love CTRLR. I’m going to spend some time figuring this thing out and see if I can create a panel for my Roland D-110.

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