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Also one point can alter the position of ALL points, for example in a ADSR envelope if you move the attack point all others should follow it…

Can you give an example?

He did. An ADSR envelope. When you move the attack time all proceeding values should slide relative to where the attack stage starts.

I have used custom components to get this type and the other types of interactive envelopes my panels require. Besides the typical ASDR env I’ve needed to make an 8 stage (and more simple 4 stage) time/level envelope (waldorf microwave XT) and for the blofeld – ADS1DS2R Envelopes. From the blofeld manual:
ADS1DS2R Envelope – A difficult name for an envelope that is quite easy to understand. Besides the parameters an ADSR envelope features, it offers an adjustable attack level and a second Decay and Sustain pair. With these additional parameters, you can create much more complex envelopes.

Attached are screen grabs of these two types of envelopes, the 8 stage time/level envelope and ADS1DS2R. These are further examples where if you adjust one time value the preceding time values should slide accordingly.

aybe it would be easier to view each component part of the envelope as a box.

This is precisely the concept I had in mind when using the customComponent.. not necessarily a box but a rectangular region. T1 = x, T2 = T1+y, T3 = T2+z etc where x = the value of time1, y = the value of time 2, z = value of time 3.

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