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Ah. I gotcha.

I know also this isn’t what you were asking.. but I am more than happy to post an example of my 8 stage wave level/time envelope built as a custom component just like dasFaker did with his envelope example from about a year ago.. I know I’ve got at least one bug in there somewhere maybe some of you will be able to help me identify where it is 🙂

It will take some time as I have a few other things to do yet but I’ll post an example of the custom component envelopes I built based off of dasfaker’s original example (in the old panel db) as soon as I have some time. I’ll add as many comments in the scripts as possible to describe what each method does, what each variable represents, etc.

It would have taken me a LOT longer to build what I made w/o his example, so hopefully my example can help some of you as well and might take some pressure off atom to provide a universal env solution which is quite a tall order.

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