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Hi all

Loving this new panel, very grateful. Some issues to resolve, some aspects working great.

Major issue is inability to load banks or record automation using mouse.

Can anyone assist? Thanks 🙂

Mac OSX 10.8.5
Ctrlr 1653
Virus TI Desktop
Ableton Live 9.1 x64
On Panel Plugin Host > Output Device Enabled
Connected over Midi In & Out to Motu 828Mk3 <> Virus TI.
Audio out from Virus TI to Motu via SPDIF @ 48K
Output in Panel is Off

AU of Ctrlr does not allow opening of any panels, all options greyed out.
VST allows opening of panel.
Is there any way to automatically load the Virus Panel when the VST is loaded, including sizing of the panel if enlarged?
Drop Down menus have tiny text almost unreadable.
Error when loading banks. See attached.
Running in Sequencer Mode. using Live 9.1
Cannot Load .MID banks, all greyed out
Config -> Receive MIDI Dump -> Receive Dump: Enabled on Virus
Midi Device ID=1 as on Virus
Midi Control Page A=Controller Data, Page B=Sysex on Virus TI
Transmit MIDI Dump on Virus TI. Should this be set to any particular value?

These aspects work
changing patches on virus works
Adjusting knobs on Virus works
Adjusting parameters in Panel works
Recording MIDI and playback works including recording automation from Virus TI Desktop, but not by adjusting parameters on Panel.

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