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    Anyone got working ctrlr vst with Nord Lead 2 Panel on cubase 7?
    How did you make it? i can’t make use of this deprecated panel:

    The first main problem i get is that the plugin does not receive the midi from the host, but it receives from midi input directly, but since i want to use ctrlr and the panel has vst and not has a stand alone it does not fit my needs.

    Any help or tips on how to get it working much appreciated and blessed! 🙂


    Hi Deebee, the panel you are using is was created in an older version of Ctrlr. Ctrlr has since been updated and the panel will need to be amended to work correctly. That is why it is in the Panels Depreciated folder.

    You will most likely need to update some of the panel elements and then export it from the Ctrlr VST as a VST instance. I would suggest making any changes in the standalone app as it is easier and then opening in the VST to export.

    Maybe someone with more knowledge can point Deebee to what is likely to be out of date in his panel.



    thanks for the input! i would need to study a lot to make it working! maybe if i could get the version from when it was released it could make the job.

    the Panels author (Robert Wentz) maded this note:
    Recommended for use with Ctrlr Stable, 934.
    Not yet updated to work with nighly Ctrlr revs.

    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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