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    Hi Guys,

    I’ve got Ctrlr running on my AlphaJuno – and love the ability to play with at PG style interface – amazing.

    The challenge I’m having is getting Ctrlr to “read” the current state of the patch on the Juno itself once it’s loaded.

    I had a workaround, by going into every single parameter in the patch and twitching it to force Ctrlr to update itself, and then I would have the patch on the screen – but doing this on the AlphaJuno is a total nightmare with one jogwheel which is why I got Ctrlr in the first place !

    Anyone able to let me know how to get Ctrlr to load current state from the synth ?

    This would seriously open my world and capabilities ;-D

    Thanks guys,


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    Hi AlphaJuno

    First you need your synth specs to know if it can send “edit buffer” (the current state mainly) and must know the edit request sysex.
    There is new methods Atom builds in mopho panel where you can take edit and assign to ctrlr modulators but it’s Under progress . there is a demo panel too “dump&utilities”…There is a lot or exemples
    there of the forum and uploaded panels for “special” messages
    You can look at “LUA&demo panels question” i’ve a method in it a the end unfortunely it is not good for me because my synth has so much dumps at once but that works

    But basically you must do in “called when midi message received” in panel properties :
    the basic thing :
    my_byte1 = midi:getLuaData():getByte(5)
    you get a byte from the synth dump ( 5 is the 6th byte , F0 and F7 does not count)
    you can get a range too (see my method in the other post ) and assign to a range of mods .
    panel:GetModulatorByName("your mod"):SetValue(my_byte1 , false,false,false)


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    Afaik there is no way to make the alpha juno’s transmit individual patch data, only full dumps that can be initiated from the unit itself.

    See for a dumping how-to.

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the info ! I’m pretty new to Ctrlr and Sysex so it’s quite overwhelming ;p

    I’ve actually found one of Bomma72’s builds with an Atom tweak on it , the MKS 50 panel – which did take a snapshot in to Ctrlr of a patch once a “tone” button was physically pressed on the MKS50. Of course, there’s no tone button on the AlphaJuno1.

    However, when you simply change from one patch to another, Voila ! Bomma72 /Atom’s MKS50 panel works a treat. I have to say, I was sickened with it – it’s absolutely excellent.

    Next step for me is to get Ctrlr working inside Ableton as currently I have to use it manually outslde the app as I’ve only one Midex8 midi interface and the Ctrlr doesn’t seem to connect when it’s run as a plugin even though I wasn’t using the Midex for anything else in the project.

    Must……get….full.,…..automation……on……filters………. !!!!!!

    Excellent – it was a super day for me in AlphaJuno land, absolutely super ;-D


    Thanks guys ;-D

    PS: Bommer/Atom’s pannel is here for anyone who comes across this thread and hasn’t already seen the panel:

    Roland MKS-50 Advanced

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