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    human fly

    just a little idea to try out. something i’m curious about
    as well: programming a simple sequence display with a
    row of latching gate onoff buttons with leds.

    for now, it is to use a momentary button, ‘step’, as the clock
    trigger. (would also like to know how to program a clock,
    of course, but ‘manual’ step is ok to start with)

    leds use xor logic, so that, at rest, all gate’on’ have their
    leds on, but when the sequencer led runs, it switches them
    off momentarily as it passes, and you get the ‘chaselight’

    so i thought, for now, have a horizontal slider, say 8steps,
    so 1-8 value range, and the ‘step’ button needs a lua to
    increment the 1-8 slider each time it receives a ‘true’
    pulse from the ‘step’ momentary button.

    then have the gate buttons call a method that ‘xors’ the
    gate button state with the count of the horizontal 1-8 slider.
    so what should happen is that each click on step will advance
    the led along the row.(and of course some comparator ‘until’
    or ‘while<' so that it can loop round to start at the beginning again) ... so haha how does this all work then? ;o)


    human fly
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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