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    I am trying once again to get a ADBSSR envelope generator (EG) to show in graphic form what the sliders are set at.. to kinda give an idea what the transitions will be like.

    anyway, I attached the entire panel to this post.

    About a year ago, dasfaker helped me with the first EG that I used in the DCO1 EG tab.
    It works great. When you move the knobs, you see the waveform change.
    But when I tried to copy it to use in DCO2 EG tab, I could not get it to update the waveform as sliders moved.. I have to switch to another tab and then back again to see it refresh.

    The problem seems to be that I cannot get the DCO2 EG to “Repaint” the DCO2 EG waveform.
    DCO1 LUA script “Repaint” seems to be called up just fine when I move a DCO1 EG slider.

    But when this panel loads up, my script copy of Repaint, which is called “RepaintDCO2” for the DCO2EG, wont load up right and say’s it has an error on line 9.. it says

    Error message:[string “–…”]:9: attempt to call method ‘RepaintDCO2’ (a nil value)

    can anyone help figure out what is wrong with my scripting?
    I am making guesses as to how to copy the EG graphics to work for all three EG’s.
    Dasfaker?? Atom?? Msepsis??

    I am using-
    Revision = 1655, Build date = 2013/12/29 00:34:20, Branch = Nightly, Juce = 3.0.0, Boost = 1.52.0, Lua = 5.1.4
    Windows 7 Pro.

    I have put this off for like two years now and would like to get this panel completed once and for all..

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    In script RepaintDCO2, the last line must be “RepaintDCO2:repaint()” instead of “RepaintDCO2:RepaintDCO2()”

    Also assign script RepaintDCO2 to all envelope modulators, right now it’s only assigned to attack modulator.

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    thanks dasfaker for the help.

    I found that actually it has to be “repaint:repaint()” in order for it to work.

    I managed to fumble my way to getting the 2nd and now 3rd EG waveforms to work.

    are scripts case sensitive?
    say when you getModulatorValue “BreakPoint3″… that Capitol P must be also capitolized in that slider’s name I am accessing?
    I had issue with the 3rd EG, and noticed the name had the P capitolized, but the script did not.. as soon as I put a P in place of p, it began to work.

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