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    Hey guys, Im having this problem with the callbackerror: panel initialize with my Prophet 08 editor. The program opens multiple editors each with the same errormessage. Also when I try ‘GET’ I always get a midimessage error. I havent got a clue what to do, especially because I have zero experience in coding.
    Even though there is a similar topic like this with another editor, I tried to dive into it but could not understand what was meant, even though it looks like there was a solution posted by Human Fly.

    Anyone able to help me out please??

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    Hi neoking,

    You would have to go to Panel -> Lua Editor then find every piece of code (in every file) 🙁 that says:
    console('some text will be here')
    replace with:
    --console('some text will be here')
    once you have done that go to the menu File->Save and Compile All.



    human fly

    if it’s a repeat problem on startup, then you can delete
    the ctrlr.settings file in Roaming\Ctrlr\

    be aware that this breaks all your image etc. resource links,

    – for all files that have been opened since you last deleted
    your ctrlr.settings file –

    and they have to be reloaded. but it means you can load an
    empty refreshed Ctrlr editor with no file opening.



    Ok guys, I tried both but without luck… 🙁 I do manage to tweak for example cutoff on the editor to the prophet and I get a lot less error messages now (Instead of getting the same error multiple times I get it once now), but I still cannot play notes through Ctrlr through my DAW.


    Hi nowking,

    what version of Ctrlr are you using? The Prophet 08 panel was done with an older version Try this one: Ctrlr-5.4.11.exe. Uninstall your previous installaton first.



    @possemo: Thanks This works better, I dont get any errormessages anymore. However, when I receive patches and I select one in the browser, it randomly selects another one or doesnt respond at all.

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