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    Ahoy, I have a few questions about the RackAttack.

    I wanted to try the RackAttack Ctrlr panel on Linux but it seems only Windows binaries are provided, so I started writing a simple python module using this spec. I have it mainly working but I notice the RackAttack doesn’t respond to certain param changes, e.g., Osc2 Shape. I tried JRackAttack and the same problem exists in that program.

    So I have a few main questions.

    1. Is it possible to use the RackAttack panel on Linux?
    2. Is there a source distribution of the RackAttack panel?
    3. Any tips on the Osc2 Shape param change issue? Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Ctrlr works on Linux so the panel should load there, and yes you can build Ctrlr yourself the sourcre is available at sourceforge.net, as for the panel you need to ask the author of the panel for the details.



    Thanks atom. Looking at http://ctrlr.org/rackattack-panel-1-1/ I only see Windows VSTs and executables for download, no source or Linux binaries. Also the RackAttack panel doesn’t appear to be in the repo on sf.net, except for some custom checksum code. Hopefully the author will see this topic and chyme in.


    Hi nx101
    I need to export standalone and vst(?) in a friend Linux
    Does the distrib is important ?
    I upload them asap



    Hi zeoka. I’m running Ubuntu if that’s what you meant by distrib. However, making the source code available would be preferable as people would be able to help develop. (And I’d be able to check my sysex params against yours.)


    i could upload the xml file
    my RA receives correctly osc2 shapes
    I send f0-3e-11-sysexID(RA must be set on 0)-20-20-soundID-00-10-value-chksm-f7

    To check :
    move the osc2shpe on the panel to ext.mono
    then on the RA push shift , then stay pushed on peek and turn 1st knob the RA would display ext.mono
    be sure the panel and the RA are on the same sound , first use the edit buttons on the panel to be sure
    Verify you use the RA os 1.05
    You can also use a blank panel open the midi monitor and see what sysex RA sends
    when you move osc2shape and compare.
    Also normally when you move osc2 shpe on the RA , the osc2 shpe must move in the RA panel too. Is it the case ?

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    Hi zeoka. Thanks for the reply.

    I had the wrong PAH+PAL codes for Osc2_Shape. I suspect I have other codes that are also wrong. Do any of these look incorrect?


    Any thoughts on open sourcing your panel?

    Thanks again.


    uploaded the xml file and resources (re add the resources) and export instances ( the panel will works without Ctrlr ) or fx knobs will appear chaotic at start up

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