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Brief update..
We ( I & Possemo) were right. The problem appears to be in JUCE and its midi transmit code. JUCE code currently sends the entire buffer in one go – which completely overwhelms an older synth.

I am experimenting with a small modification to JUCE that enables the sysex message I’m trying to send (211K) to be split into smaller blocks (I’m currently trying 256 bytes each) with a time delay ( around 200ms) between each block. After a small battle I’ve got both JUCE and the underlying ALSA (in linux) compiled with debug and linked so I can step through line by line if necessary and uncover what’s happening.

I can receive on an old windows machine with either BOME SX or MIDIOX.

Currently I’m getting about 80% of the information through. I’m believe there will be an explanation for this, and the problem is soluble.

My hope is to achieve a modification to the JUCE interface that is usable from Ctrlr / Other and allows the control panel developer to configure JUCE so that it can send big sysex messages to old synths.

After I’ve got the output path (computer to synth) working I will test the input path. I can see a potential issue that the JUCE code might get “bored” waiting for all the sysex information to be sent. @EnzoF04’s problem is even more subtle than this – I’m not sure how to test/mimic this without the kit?

Whilst this is positive – I don’t have a timescale for completing this – and don’t know what success I may have in persuading those responsible for JUCE of the need to make mods in their “standard” library. It may be that Ctrlr would have to make a patch to JUCE for its use.