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    Positive Update.
    I have got the output path through JUCE working (having made some slight mods) to another computer. I have sent and received without error a 211,559 byte SYSEX in lumps of 128 bytes with an approximate 125ms delay between – which were recorded on BOME SendSX / MIDIOX as arriving at around 1KB/second. For info I’m doing the transmit on Linux – and the receive on an old Windows machine. Since these bits of software actually sent/received info from the Korg wavestation this suggests the actual path to the synth will work. So final steps on this – are tests with real synth – and creating an interface that would be callable from LUA

    Now looking at Input Path for Big Sysex.
    To explain – I’m working on finding the solution using Linux. This means
    CRTLR uses LUA script which relies on the JUCE library. I believe CTRLR uses this “stack” on all platforms (Mac, PC & Linux) – although the compilation differs. But beneath that the situation varies. On linux JUCE sits on top of the ALSA libraries.

    I have managed to receive the 211,559 byte SYSEX back from BOME SendSX using the amidi utility (uses the ALSA libraries) and dump to file. So I suspect any problems in making large Sysex dumps available to Ctrlr will be in JUCE.

    I don’t know in which area of the code the solution to @EnzoF04’s problem with AKAI sampler might lie yet…