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The device ID for the Roland JD XI is “00 00 00 0E”.

So he is trying to get at:
(19 00 00 00) temporary tone (Digital Synth Part 1)
( 01 00 00) Temporary SuperNatural Synth Tone
( 00 22 00) SuperNatural Synth Tone Partial (3))
( 00 0A) Filter Mode

Which goes from 0-7, to swith Bypass, lpf, hpf, bpf and so on. If this is the right parameter, the sysex from the op doesn’t make that much sense to me. Or it must send/ set the LFO Depth at the same time.

To make it more confusing there is also:
LFO Filter Depth (00 23) -63/ +63 (1-127)

But also in the CC Message List (Knob operation)
LFO Filter Depth/ partial 1-3/ controller number NRPN MSB:0, LSB:18-20/ Value 0-127

LSB 18-20 could explain the 3 messages if it sends the lfo depth for the three partials at once.

And yes, the checksum is also missing.

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