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Yeah the 3 partials are essentially handled separately from each other, so I’d like a Tab for each.

I saw one of your posts about a “rant” about Manuals – I’ve looked through what documentation I could find but things are very scant.

I see how to create a Tab – great – but I don’t know what to do with it once I create it.

EDIT: I actually figured it out – I saw “labels” and grabbed that component until I went back and found the Tabs one – it actually works pretty well. See my PM to you – I’m worried about the re-sizing!

I feel like I’m pestering you guys to death but it seems like there are only 2 regular visitors who know what they’re doing.

I feel like I’ve pretty much got the Panel done as I want it.

I just can’t get a few things to work:

1. The Octave Shift thing I think I mentioned to you in the private message (maybe you’ve responded already and I didn’t see it yet though).

EDIT: Dnldoog helped with this – got it working right now, but asked them if it’s possible to invert the values so the higher octave actually appears first in the menu.

2. The Wave Type for PCM – I think that’s probably going to be beyond me so I may just leave it to the end user to pick the Type on their keyboard – it’s hard enough to scroll through 16k items on screen anyway so it may be for the best. I can at least give them a gain control for it though.

3. I set up a pull-down menu to choose the MFX types and it works, but for some reason some of them drop drastically in volume which they don’t do when switching them manually on the keyboard. I had planned just to use an on/off for it anyway, but the MFX is stored with a tone so it would be nice for someone to pick one and use at least the default settings (I definitely don’t want to get into programming all the parameters because they’re all different – Level on one is in a different spot than Level on another one and so on – so you can’t really just map a control – the controls would have to change based on the effect chosen…so On/Off will maybe have to be enough!). NOTE: this is probably an issue in the keyboard itself.

4. This is something in the Synth I think – there’s a Pulse Width, but then there’s also a Pulse Width Shift – it’s in a totally different category (under like the Mod LF0). When I use the Pulse Width knob everything is fine. When I use the Shift one it works too, but once I use it the PW is disabled – so something about the way these two interact is funky. I’m just going to delete the Shift one because it’s a “pro edit” feature and not even on the basic editing screen. I plan to look in the Roland Manual to see if I can figure out what it does and why it might disable the other one once you use it…

Argghh. I was going to add an image so you could see it, but I opened it, something was misaligned, I dragged it and it popped out of place, put it back in place and saved as I always do every time I make a change (!) and it totally deleted one of my groups. Now I have to go back and recreate that entire group. A whole afternoon lost.

EDIT: Fixed all that. What a PITA. Saved TWO backup copies this time…


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