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I have started a panel for the FB-01, the matter goes very slowly given my ignorance about CTRLR, Lua, MIDI (from what I am seeing ..) and everything in general.

Attached is my progress in the form of the panel itself.

I prepared a table with the sysex parameters of the three FB01 reception modes.

But there are many things that I do not understand:

1.- the parameters that modify several different values ​​in one byte
55h -> [aa0 *****] is used for “Keyboard scaling (rate) depth” and for “Attack rate”
I see that I have to change one just keeping the other in another different control, I don’t understand this.

2.- Global variables, I’ve been searching for days in the forum and I can’t find a clear way to declare this global variable, I think I did it for the midi channel of my sysex chain, but I don’t know how I did it.

The panel is missing a lot, I just did a little positioning of controls but I can’t quite decide how to place them, so in this one I had already deleted many.

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