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Thx to both of you!
Yes sure, I think we can join forces to build something nice and by this contribution complete the work done by Atom.
I will correct the yellow questions with your feedback Puppeteer.
I will also think about a new Chapter structure so we make the doc more generic.
For example:
– Part1= Panel basics (using 2 or 3 examples each time?)
– Part2= Panel Advanced
– Part3= LUA programming (a summary of typical propgramming stuff: variables, loops, input/outputs…) Summary only! The goal is not to write a guide on how to program but to present LUA to people knowing how to program in other languages
– Part4= Using LUA for a Librarian – Basics
– Part5= Using LUA for a librarian – Advanced (?)
– Part6= Graphics – EG curves display
– Appendix
– Reference guide of Ctrlr (? quite difficult to maintain, maybe too long…?)

What do you think?

After we agree on something, then we can organize our work and maybe exchange outside the forum then publish our result… Anyway, no hurry… I’m writing a paragraph each time I’m discovering and using something…
And now it is vacation time 🙂