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My siuation:
Controller – Novation SL MkII 61.
DAW – Cockos Reaper.

Reaper cannot provide feedback from host and plugins via midi. But it have OSC feedback.
Novation can’t do OSC. Only MIDI (with some nuances, actually).
I would like to setup multiple layouts for SL inside Ctrlr, with shift modifiers.
So Reaper will send OSC feedback to Ctrlr. Controller will convert it to midi (and sysex) and then send it to SL’s LEDs (param values) and LCD (track, fx, param names and values.
The same goes from SL to Reaper.

I’ve seen many threads from people who can’t hook up their midi controllers or keyboards (old and new) to different DAWs and struggling with programming scripts on PureData, Max for Live, Bome and OSCII-bot. Trying to emulate Mackie (MCU and HUI).
Most of them are giving up and ending by switching to iPad apps like Lemur or TouchOSC.
Physical controls are always better for controlling DAW than touchscreen. Feedback from DAW to your encoders, mechanical faders and LCDs is also good. That’s why we need OSC support in Ctrlr.

To read about OSC you can visit the official site – which isn’t working for me today.
Wiki with the list of apps, that support OSC –
Reaper forum and default configuration file –

Users can control their hardware synths from tablets and phones with OSC apps, via cable or wifi.

As for me, I recommend you to download Lemur editor and some templates to see what kind of data is used for OSC and how it’s implemented.

Same with TouchOSC –

It’s my dream to have some app sitting in tray of my PC and act like a highly customizable bridge for my controllers. Same as Automap concept, but not as bad as Automap. 🙂

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