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look at:


return true if the modulator is in restore state, otherwise false.
In restore state no MIDI is transmitted’

what is ‘restore state’ -by definition – ?

a function you see a lot for ‘panel loaded’ methods is:

— –This variable stops index issues during panel bootup
— if
— panel:getRestoreState() == true or
— panel:getProgramState() == true
— then
— return
— end

i don’t really know how to use this, or what return does here.
(eg: what index issues does this refer to?)
are there other posts here that talk about this?

if you can put any modulator/component into MIDI in or out
suspend by making its individual restore state ‘true’, you
don’t have to disable the entire midi bus, only components
you selecty…?maybe?

MrTor, that file is worth close examination, look at comments.