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Hi! It’s great to see people working on FB01. I have two of them and try to manage them properly from my Linux box.

Some time ago (2010) I tried to write driver for JSynthLib, still work in progress and meanwhile JSynthLib seemed to stop development. So couple days ago I started a panel in Ctrlr. You can see what is done till now (system and instrument sections) in attachment. Comments welcome 🙂

I’m now stuck with multiple parameters in one message. I imagine it could be solved if there was a way to reference modulator’s value other modulators` mapping expressions. Something like my imaginary modValByName function:
modulatorValue * 127 + modValByName("otherModulator")

Second question could be probably answered by @m.tarenskeen probably. In FB01 MIDI docs I see that LFO values (speed, waveform, amd etc.) can be changed by different SysEx messages, for example for waveform: “F0 43 75 k0 10 0C ls F7”, but also “F0 43 75 k0 k1 13 ls F7”. Do you have idea why is that?

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