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i’m gonna say it again: that is a great panel. loads of
stuff to look at in there – it’s a bit bewildering.. !
matrix: speaking of keanu reaves films, it’s a bit like
‘johnny mnemonic’-uses his empty brain as storage for
smuggling data 😉

so there’s how you do popups, and how to build tables,
which i shall try to do something with. your organisation of
methods, with a ‘library’ is interesting (for newb’)..much

and the ‘infos’ dummy method, enumerating the timerIDs, ok,
i see that, and see that each is called for different actions,
mainly for helping midi data transfer. still trying to figure
out what is a ctrlr class, and what is a function created by
you somewhere 🙂 -so timer is a class.. whereby you can create
timers when you need them. still looking for more info in *.h
files, etc.

figuring out how to use it. going to have another look at your
sequencer – mine involves AND-ing count and the gate buttons.
if count and gate are both true, the led goes true. that’s it
for now, have not figured out an output yet – nor how to fetch
the values for the semitone combos (i’m onto that, possibly).

current stage, i think, i should try to ping the ‘clock’ button
at timed intervals, so that that can ‘inc’ the ‘count’ modulator,
so it can run automatically rather than manually/per click.

maybe the clock could already be free-running- if ‘Run’ ANDs with
that, it should auto-clock – not synced to midi or anything,
but just so that it can run in loops, stop and start with a count
reset from the top. if the clock is running faster than needed,
ie: 60000 and it then divided down by a tempo control.. -are
you saying you can’t have a timer running all the time while the
others stop and start when they have their own jobs to do? soz :),
i’m trying to conceive of it all.. MasterClock is then a separate
thing you leave alone, of course.. (think i’ve seen a global tempo
control in main Ctrlr globals?)

so say i make Timer1 and it’s clocking at 500ms intervals, its
params are (1,500) – what is the ‘output’ that i can use?
how can i make it generate a 1 or True? i’ll go and have a
think about that…