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ok thanks, i wasn’t aware of those.
(*for example*)

it’s a big deal for me lol – “the trick i learnt today”
very satisfying 🙂 messing around with something like
this is my way of learning how to use it.

a small step towards grasping the handling of sysex
messages, building tables, etc. – i will upload the
bpanelz when i’ve tidied it up.

edit: i found ‘typical training sites’ not much fun,
and i’ve got a lot further looking at what you and
others have done, which whilst possibly ‘unethical’
(although i wouldn’t see why), provides a context
and a framework to get started with.
that’s my current ‘plateau’. i agree that i will need
to look deeper into it, but with allowed time etc.
i’ve got plenty to look at for now.

this mini-panel is my current ‘testlab’, that i’m
building stuff into bit by bit, until i’ve got
something i can use. nb: it’s quite a lot to take
in, the patch retrieve/screen update, on first
approach, and people have used different methods,
so i’m just seeing what i feel comfortable with,
getting my head round it, in stages.