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Look in method Miscellaneous under Panel methods

i see, i misunderstood that: it appears that any named method
is available if it exists. i made something called any_old_name(),
with a console output, and i can just refer to it, with nothing else,
in another method, and it runs.

ie: so if i have, say, 2 functions, one with a console output, and
the other making a LED graphic switch on, i just need to stick those
function by name in any other method i want to run.

so i can have a function attached to a button that goes:

function runThis()
any_old_name() lightLED()

as long as those exist elsewhere.

🙂 obvious to you. so all methods are loaded whether assigned to
anything or not. and panelloaded is only for specific actions
you want for the startup. ok.

i’m thinking about how i might organize my projects and
centralise – which of course is what getPatchData etc methods

the panels are very good to look at, most helpful of all, so far.
the tutorials point pages are useful too.
although i find i’m having to jump all over the place to see what
comes from where – it takes( time to piece it all together
-and digest the info –
i’m trying to see what is ‘standard’ in terms of panel update and
send/receive operations. quite fascinating, anyway, for an old
midi head to get to grips with.