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human fly
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yes, i agree: it is much easier to see what you are doing
having the modulator name to refer to.

the assignVar/declare all modulators method: is perhaps
best done as a table ? to allow ‘getRange’ etc. statements to
be used? i would like to make one method, one table, with all
the main information i will need for the panel, so i don’t need
to skip around different methods so much.

for example: i was trying out the randomizer method, and saw
the method where it gets modulators by group name – i didn’t
manage to make that work on my thing yet, was mainly curious
to see if i could get it to work.

another use of the console i was thinking of was to generate
numerical lists automatically, rather than typing them out
the long way, simply to have something to copy into the method.
ie: list all modulators by name with ” ” with a getRange instruction,
to save time and work.
these are things i must practice a bit 🙂

btw: (Mr Manual Writer) i’m referring to the Utility pane a lot
more now, to remember what parameters are available, and what
they are called. did not initially realise that it was for that.

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