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human fly
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it DOES work ! i had it completely wrong, for some reason,
i see what you mean about the square brackets now. i must’ve
copied it wrong.

demo panel here:(popupwerk_v03.panel)

this:(exactly as you showed in your post)

-- Create menu items from the "itemNames" table
	for itemIndex=1, #itemNames do
	pMenu:addColouredItem(itemIndex, itemNames[itemIndex], Colour(0xff21c630), true, false, Image())

then this:

panel:getComponent("label_ToneNameDest"):setPropertyString("uiLabelText"," " .. (itemNames[ret]))

it is a nice way to do a simple popup menu, as well – although
i don’t know how one might do headers and submenus.

now we just have to find out how to do all those other natty tricks
with background colour/trnasparency etc. – i wonder if there are
ways to adapt your code to work it in the ‘standard’ way of
creating popups.

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