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human fly
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i remember seeing them used in the matrix panel you pointed
me to.

i have this randomizer that is a bit of a bodge, but works
if all modulators are on the designated tab. but i want to
get rid of the tab reference, and make each grouping of
modulators – here, envelopes – randomize by custom group name,
or custom modulator index group. i tried it but didn’t get it
to work for some reason, so i have been using this hack of what
i found in the matrix panel (which works fine as long as they’re
on the UItabs) – yes, it was pointed out to me that the iteration
is nonsensical 🙂 but i’ve been using it in the meantime. time to
tidy up.(nb: this is now ‘old’, so i might do it differently now)

-- randomize a group by custom index group

	-- This stops issues during panel bootup
	if panel:getRestoreState() or panel:getProgramState() then return end

	local randomGroup = panel:getModulator("randomPitch1pt1"):getValue()

-- random seeder
	local t=os.time()
	local c=os.clock()

	if randomGroup~=nil then

-- custom group items to randomize
		for k=1,4 do


			if tab =="tabs_Main_pt1" then

			rnd=math.random(0,100) --value range to random
			modul:setModulatorValue(rnd,false,false,false) end

		for k=5,9 do

		modul	=panel:getModulatorWithProperty("modulatorCustomIndex",k)
		tab		=modul:getComponent():getProperty("componentTabName")

			if tab =="tabs_Main_pt1" then

			rnd=math.random(-50,50) --value range to random
			modul:setModulatorValue(rnd,false,false,false) end

btw: it’s a bipolar pitch envelope and has 2 sets of value ranges,
hence arguments done twice. level has to be centred -50/+50,
whereas ‘time’ is 0-100.

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