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human fly
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here’s a little present for you anyway 🙂
but you’ll have to get hold of a novation remoteSL,
preferably mk1

remoteSL RolandJV1080 v03(beta)

no more mousing! and you can zip through the thing
doublequick – i had to restrict waveform selection
because of the novation’s limitations – it’s a bit
heath robinson, what i’ve done, but it sort of works,
and you can avoid some of the less useful onboard
waveforms that way – why why did roland design this
synth like this?(because it’s an all purpose module)

i did it a while ago, so i forget exactly what i would
change on it – it’s called ‘beta’ because this was
the 1st usable version, but it gives good control over
wave gain stages, and over the fx if you want to use
them with more subtlety, ie as spatialisation parameters,
rather than as fullblown gushing reverbs etc.
(and in the same vein, with a Ctrlr panel, i feel one
would wish to ‘automap’ to the plugin, to have the same
sort of quick knobby control – but that’s just one
approach, of course)