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ok, thanks. i’ll have a messaround with those.
(and i don’t think i’ve seen your JD990 panel yet)

i think the other weirdness i’m getting here,
ie: the current value entry not appearing initially
must be related to situations where initial values
are no longer preset on startup – which could be
due to high VST Index numbers – i’m up in the 5000’s
here at the moment, and none of the panels i had open
had the current value entry until the modulator had
its value changed – at which point the current value
entry appears.

this is a general flaw with this version of Ctrlr (5.4.2x):
any loaded panels seem to share a common VST Index# list,
so that if panel A goes up to, say, 20, and you start another
panel, your first modulator there will start at 21, so it
just keeps going up.

and if 2 panels have modulators with sysex messages at the
same VST Index#, and you trigger one, the sysex from both
will be sent out to midiox/etc.

it would be good if Ctrlr, as the ‘host’, could treat panels
completely separately – would certainly make the workflow
easier. maybe something for Atom to consider, if it is possible.
(anyway, so i wasn’t able to observe that issue of values not