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hi goodweather, thanks,
i’ve moved it on quite a bit. got that to work reliably,
– very nice –
and i now have good understanding of where to
initialize variables, local or global, so all of that is
feeling much better/clearer.

indeed, memblocks will be my ‘currency’ for memory. can
retrieve and assign data easily like that. some very
fiendish Yamaha implementation of minus values, though:
7bit 2’s complement, with MSB/LSB.
i will be back to talk about that(!) no doubt.

i now have to build quite a complicated set of tables
with reference data, for all factory kit setups, voice
names, default MIDI note assignments, etc. etc.
pretty silly to even take on the RX7! as it will almost
require mirroring the internal data structure, by the
look of things.

but i can attest that it works, and so does initializing
new tables on the fly with a generic prefix followed by
identifier. i think i shall have a single temporary table
from which i either copy into the respective tables (for
recall), or to go straight to memblocks, and just get data
back from those (although that will require a hex to decimal
conversion). finding it interesting though.