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human fly
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ah: discovered something interesting…(change of topic, really,
this should be over on RX7 topic) …
i am checking my data reference lists with ‘print jobs’,
because i have to match 1,100 lists to 1,128 lists, for the
purpose of assigning voice numbers to midi note numbers.

i’m printing stuff out in a format that i can copy and paste
from the console into a table directly.

so i’ve discovered that i cannot have """ because it just
leaves the apostrophes open, …of course. i need to do this
because i’m displaying numbers concatenated with text, and
then concatenate a comma in apostrophes, so it’s ready to
just paste where i want it.

although it is not ‘recommended to mix " and ', i found
that i can do it for this purpose and get the result wanted.

ie: " ' "

anyway: that’s it for the random topic. i’m over on the RX7
thing now. 😉

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