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human fly
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you mean to send the patch name?
here’s the code i’ve seen and used for that (Possemo’s, i think),
this is for sending the name to a label, so you’ll have to fiddle
with it, but it’s got the elements in it (been a while since i looked
at it)

-- Called when a modulator value changes
enterToneName = function(mod, value)

	-- This variable stops index issues during panel bootup
	if panel:getRestoreState() == true or panel:getProgramState() == true then
	-- //////////////////////////// RETRIEVING PATCH NAME ///////////////////////////////
	-- we take the text from the LCD_Text modulator and convert it to Lua type of string, that's why 
	-- there is the L() macro, otherwise we'd get a String() instance, that might not work well with 
	-- the native Lua library

	NewPatchName = L(panel:getModulatorByName("lcd_ToneName"):getComponent():getProperty("uiLabelText"))

-- Store each character in variable --and convert it from ASCII to numerical code
	character1 = string.byte(NewPatchName,1)
	character2 = string.byte(NewPatchName,2)
	character3 = string.byte(NewPatchName,3)
	character4 = string.byte(NewPatchName,4)
	character5 = string.byte(NewPatchName,5)
	character6 = string.byte(NewPatchName,6)
	character7 = string.byte(NewPatchName,7)
	character8 = string.byte(NewPatchName,8)
	character9 = string.byte(NewPatchName,9)
	character10 = string.byte(NewPatchName,10)

-- insert space for empty characters --or method crashes at nil value
	if character1 == nil then character1 = "32" else character1 	= ""..character1 end
	if character2 == nil then character2 = "32" else character2 	= ""..character2 end
	if character3 == nil then character3 = "32" else character3 	= ""..character3 end
	if character4 == nil then character4 = "32" else character4 	= ""..character4 end
	if character5 == nil then character5 = "32" else character5 	= ""..character5 end
	if character6 == nil then character6 = "32" else character6 	= ""..character6 end
	if character7 == nil then character7 = "32" else character7 	= ""..character7 end
	if character8 == nil then character8 = "32" else character8 	= ""..character8 end
	if character9 == nil then character9 = "32" else character9 	= ""..character9 end
	if character10 == nil then character10 = "32" else character10 = ""..character10 end