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For your info, I’m native french speaking (je suis belge francophone).
Thank you for your translation
this Step by Step guide DEV should not been used anymore. Pupetteer only contributed once long time ago.
It is not possible to mark a topic as outdated neither to delete it…

I have been working on a complete updated version of the guide where I have already added quite a lot of info on Lua programming, code examples with explanations,… I have also adapted the whole beginning of the doc…
What I propose you is that I make a few further changes and that I publish this 2.0 version by indicating the things that will come soon.
I will also ask dasfaker to put it in the Documentation area of Ctrlr.

From that version 2.0 you can translate it (I don’t have the time for this) and we can review it together.
Then we can post it in audiofanzine (I’m also member of it).

Finally, I can complete it further 2.1, 2.2 and so on by taking smaller steps.
Each time we tune and you keep the french version up to date.

Please contact me by PM so I give you my direct mail; Will be easier to exchange (en français) 🙂