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I only work with single Tones to a Patch, because I hate the Tone sharing system. The way I do it is that Tone 07 lives in Patch A7 and is never referenced outside of it; Tone 26 lives in Patch D2, etc. This is the way I’ve always used my MKS-70s – it keeps me sane! If I have to make Patch edits then I can use the front panel – by far the most complex editing is to a Tone.

I also don’t think that I need the librarian – I will save Tones and Patches to the MKS-70’s own storage system (I have the M-1024C 16-bank cartridge). Occasionally I will back up to a sysex file, but I don’t need a librarian to do that for me.

I don’t want to dedicate a port to Ctrlr, because when I don’t want to use Ctrlr (and the vast majority of the time I won’t) then I’ll have to remember that my V4 MKS-70 is on MIDI Express box 2, Port 6 – at the moment I can assign that relationship in MIDI Device Manager and choose ‘MKS-70 B’ by name in Cubase’s output selection list – that’s why MDM exists, after all. Plus, once Ctrlr has hold of the port I can’t access it from any other Cubase Tracks, and I may have alternative/additional Tracks needing to play the same instrument.

In summary I *think* (there’s probably something I haven’t considered, I bet!) I will be fine. All I need now is for my V4 to arrive ready to go.

I may raise this sysex filtering by Cubase with Steinberg – a fairly pointless task, given their history of responses, but nothing to lose…

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