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Hi, just a quick reply – I managed to save the JX-8Programmer as an AU component file – As you already noticed I had to erase the original Ctrlr component so that Logic could load the new plug-in. It actually worked then – The difference I see so far is that logic now shows the parameters of the panel in automation mode – I also successfuly automated parameters manually – Logic however still doesn’t "see" the parameters when I want to link them with my CC Controller.

There seems to be a small bug with the labels that are now super small and practically unreadable. That’s why I actually couldn’t enter CC values manually in edit mode. I would actually like to try that out.

The automation is already a great new feature for me – thanks! If I someday get this CC Controller working with my JX-8P I’m the luckiest man <img loading=” title=”Wink” />