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Hi, I just started trying to program my midicontroller to my DP-4 with the midi-sysex chart, but with no results yet.. <img loading=” title=”Sad” /> at least, I don’t see the controls being updated on my DP-4..
As far as I figured it out, normal FX parameters should be controlled like this:

F0 0F 40 00 (=header)
01 (=id)
00 (=msg)
00 01 (=command)
00 0U (U=unit (eg: 0,1,2,3), config (4), control (5))
00 PP (P=parameter numer of FX which is shown in part-2 of the sysex implementation chart: 0-127 in hexadecimal, eg 01=mix, 02=volume)
00 00 VV VV (V=value "00 00"->MSB "VV VV"->LSB
F7 (=end message)
thus in total:
F0 0F 40 00 01 00 00 01 00 0U 00 PP 00 00 VV VV F7

the message I used with my remotezero controller is:
0F 40 00 00 01 00 01 00 00 01 33 DV
(DV=value being send by controller, I guessed F0 and F7 would be send by the remote itself as it’s send as sysex and also because otherwise the string would be to long for the remotezero controller)

following the manual this should work, but I don’t see the mix parameter of unit A change..
Also, according to the manual, the DP-4 should automatically shift to edit-mode when receiving these sysex, but it doesn’t.
Anyone sees a (couple of) mistake(s) in here? This is the first time I do this sysex, so it’s probably me XD