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Well i did two Ctrlrs once for the Mood Voyager and the Little Phatty but moog asked me to take them down, the Voyager is pretty simple most are CCs and some CC pairs, below is a XML for all the parameters
that might help you.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<controller name="Moog Voyager">

<group name="Mod Wheel">
<modulator name="vgrMWAmount" type="cc_pair" lsb="38" msb="6" />
<modulator name="vgrMWSource" type="cc" midiValueMap="0,0,16,32,48,64,80" number="68" />
<modulator name="vgrMWDestination" type="cc" midiValueMap="0,0,16,32,48,64,80" number="69" />
<modulator name="vgrMWShaping" type="cc" midiValueMap="0,0,32,64,96" number="70" />

<group name="Pedal/ON">
<modulator name="vgrPONAmount" type="cc_pair" lsb="40" msb="8" />
<modulator name="vgrPONSource" type="cc" midiValueMap="0,0,16,32,48,64,80" number="68" />
<modulator name="vgrPONDestination" type="cc" midiValueMap="0,0,16,32,48,64,80" number="69" />
<modulator name="vgrPONShaping" type="cc" midiValueMap="0,0,32,64,96" number="70" />

<group name="LFO">
<modulator name="vgrLFORate" type="cc_pair" lsb="35" msb="5" />
<modulator name="vgrLFOSync" type="cc" midiValueMap="0,0,32,64,96" number="67" />

<group name="Oscillators">
<modulator name="vgrOsc2Freq" type="cc_pair" lsb="42" msb="10" />
<modulator name="vgrOsc2Wave" type="cc_pair" lsb="43" msb="11" />
<modulator name="vgrOsc2Octave" type="cc" midiValueMap="0,0,16,32,48,64,80" number="75" />

<modulator name="vgrOsc3Freq" type="cc_pair" lsb="45" msb="12" />
<modulator name="vgrOsc3Wave" type="cc_pair" lsb="45" msb="13" />
<modulator name="vgrOsc3Octave" type="cc" midiValueMap="0,0,16,32,48,64,80" number="76" />

<modulator name="vgrOsc1Wave" type="cc_pair" lsb="41" msb="9" />
<modulator name="vgrOsc1Octave" type="cc" midiValueMap="0,0,16,32,48,64,80" number="74" />

<modulator name="vgrOsc12Sync" type="cc" number="77" />
<modulator name="vgrOsc31FM" type="cc" number="78" />
<modulator name="vgrOsc3KbCont" type="cc" number="79" />
<modulator name="vgrOsc3FreqRange" type="cc" number="80" />
<modulator name="vgrGlideRate" type="cc_pair" lsb="37" msb="5" />

<group name="Filter">
<modulator name="vgrFilterCutoff" type="cc_pair" lsb="51" msb="19" />
<modulator name="vgrFilterSpacing" type="cc_pair" lsb="52" msb="20" />
<modulator name="vgrFilterResonance" type="cc_pair" lsb="53" msb="21" />
<modulator name="vgrFilterKB" type="cc_pair" lsb="54" msb="22" />
<modulator name="vgrFilterMode" type="cc" number="86" />

<group name="Mixer">
<modulator name="vgrMixExternalAmount" type="cc_pair" lsb="46" msb="14" />
<modulator name="vgrMixExternal" type="cc" number="81" />
<modulator name="vgrMixOsc1Amount" type="cc_pair" lsb="47" msb="15" />
<modulator name="vgrMixOsc1" type="cc" number="82" />
<modulator name="vgrMixOsc2Amount" type="cc_pair" lsb="48" msb="16" />
<modulator name="vgrMixOsc2" type="cc" number="83" />
<modulator name="vgrMixOsc3Amount" type="cc_pair" lsb="49" msb="17" />
<modulator name="vgrMixOsc3" type="cc" number="84" />
<modulator name="vgrMixNoiseAmount" type="cc_pair" lsb="50" msb="18" />
<modulator name="vgrMixNoise" type="cc" number="85" />

<group name="Envelopes">
<modulator name="vgrEnvFilterAttack" type="cc_pair" lsb="55" msb="23" />
<modulator name="vgrEnvFilterDecay" type="cc_pair" lsb="56" msb="24" />
<modulator name="vgrEnvFilterSustain" type="cc_pair" lsb="57" msb="25" />
<modulator name="vgrEnvFilterRelease" type="cc_pair" lsb="58" msb="26" />
<modulator name="vgrEnvFilterAmount" type="cc_pair" lsb="59" msb="27" />
<modulator name="vgrEnvAmpAttack" type="cc_pair" lsb="60" msb="28" />
<modulator name="vgrEnvAmpDecay" type="cc_pair" lsb="61" msb="29" />
<modulator name="vgrEnvAmpSustain" type="cc_pair" lsb="62" msb="30" />
<modulator name="vgrEnvAmpRelease" type="cc_pair" lsb="63" msb="31" />
<modulator name="vgrAmpEnvMode" type="cc" number="87" />

<group name="Options">
<modulator name="vgrVolume" type="cc_pair" lsb="39" msb="7" />
<modulator name="vgrMod1Amount" type="cc_pair" lsb="34" msb="2" />
<modulator name="vgrMod2Amount" type="cc_pair" lsb="36" msb="4" />
<modulator name="vgrOptGlideSwitch" type="cc" number="65" />
<modulator name="vgrOptReleaseSwitch" type="cc" number="88" />