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"Filch":3n4evz5z wrote:
But, sending all global data seems like an obtuse method to change the current program. I might be missing specific Bank and Program change somewhere[/quote:3n4evz5z]


There are 3 methods for bank select…

1. Using the Bank Select Message
1.1. Only MBS Bank Select (CC# 0) Bn 00 mm (v.g. SoundBlaster Soundfont bank)
1.2. Only LSB Bank Select (CC# 32) Bn 20 ll (v.g. Emu Vintage, UltraProteus, Morpheus ZPlane, and Waldorf.Blofeld see at user’s manual page 114)
1.3. Using MSB and LSB Bank Select (v.g. Korg, Roland)
2. Using a Program Change ( Cn xx ) (v.g. Yamaha SY-77)
3. Using System Exclusive message


If you have to select a Program (Waldorf.Blofeld) you have to send:
– Bn 20 ll (ll=> 0:Bank A, 1: Bank B, …
– Cn pp (pp => 0: Program 1, 1:Program 2)