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yes i forgot to document the most important method i’m afraid, to change values for a modulator there is a special method setModulatorValue() this is because it’s a bit more compilcated, for example to set some random values to sliders on the panel (from 0-124) use this code
randomSliderColour = function(modulator, newValue)
n = panel:getNumModulators()

for idx = 0, n-1 do

m = panel:getModulatorByIndex(idx)

if m ~= nil then
c = m:getComponent()

if c:getPropertyString("uiType") == "uiSlider" then
m:setModulatorValue (utils.randomInt(124), false, false, true)


this line-> m:setModulatorValue (utils.randomInt(124), false, false, true) means set the random value (max 124), the bool params tell the modulator witch subsystems to notify about the change, this will be in the docs

void setModulatorValue(const int newValue, const bool notifyVstHost=false, const bool notifyMidiDevice=false, const bool notifyComponent=false);