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After just a very brief glance at the blofeld sysex implementation, it looks very similar to the MWXT setup (no coincidence, I guess). There are more parameters, so more work to do, but I guess doable.

Additionally, with regard to sysex index and correct sorting of the value bytes in the patch dump sysex string, it is important to notice that the sysex index mentioned in the implementation is needed to compose the correct 10-byte sysex string (parameter change message), however, it does not translate directly into the position index# in the patch dump message, since it is offset in the patch dump message by the first 7 or 8 sysex bytes that are general ‘start of sysex’ bytes. Hope this is clear enough for Filch and msepsis to understand what the …. I’m doing in the messy script <img loading=” title=”Wink” />