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Okay this is going to sound quite noob but I’ve done this according to how I assume the binary data is being interpreted but its not being read into the comboboxes correctly.

byte = programData:getByte(20)
bi = BigInteger(byte)
panel:getModulatorByName("DCO 1 Range"):setValueMapped(bi:getBitRangeAsInt(0,2), false)
panel:getModulatorByName("DCO 1 Waveform"):setValueMapped(bi:getBitRangeAsInt(2,2), false)

I currently have the combo box content such as this


it seems to sometimes read a value but not correctly which I’m guessing is probably because its not reading the combo box values I’ve set but rather 0-whatever as modulator values(in that specific case 0=16′ 8’=1 4’=2)
Is there a more simple way to fix this