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Sorry for going missing after the last post. Life has been busy, and I spent quite a bit of time debugging what was wrong on my synth. It appeared that the jackboard had some fault, and was preventing any MIDI from going out of the synth.

So after some extra repairs, and many hours getting my head around Lua and losing and re-writing all my code a few too many times, I finally have a beta version of the panel that’s almost ready for some testing. All parameters should have understandable names, but the VST index might need some extra work to make it more user friendly in a DAW

The tone parameters now update on patch change, and are all working correctly.
What needs some extra work are:
– the Patch parameters
– a total redesign of the UI
– some testing on a non Vecoven OS.

I should be able to finish the patch parameters soon, after reading the manual once again to understand them better. However, If someone is willing to give a hand on the graphics side, it’s very welcome. Else, it’s an aspect that will have to wait a bit longer, as I can’t find any decent mac alternative to Knobman, and do not really have the time to design one at the moment.