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Ahh the “it’s not getting checked in the menu” thing i can have a look at, that might be a bug i need to fix. WIll get back to you with that.

Yes please.. was just coming back to report I can reproduce that with my blofeld VST. at least in ableton live 9 on os x 10.6.8 I can’t “tick” either of those options. I’m on ctrlr 1547 for mac, the latest available for mac at the moment.

nothing in the input/output to/from host stuff will “remain” checked, similarly with anything under the “MIDI Thru” menu.

All these issues are likely related as if you can’t select input/output to/from the host you can’t get very far. I’m experiencing the same thing here and am able to reproduce the issues reported, You asked about “tester001” and what does he expect the panel to do.. well when you record or trigger notes in a clip’s piano roll, the notes should be sent thru the panel to the desired midi port to the synth. right now it’s not getting from the host to the panel apparently as these setting can’t be set.

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