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I’m seeing the ability to select Midi input to plugin host and output to plugin host in windows (XP running reaper) but I’m not getting any MIDI to go from my MIDI track to the synth through ctrlr. I’m using ctrlr itself as a vst inside reaper. I was able to have this work without much of an issue a few revs back.. hmm.

These are the steps I normally follow, the same I’ve passed on to beta testers (monstrumFeld is the name of the editor) .. are these steps out of date?

– Disable the midi ports of the machine you want to control in your DAW – this is crucial, otherwise the ports will not be available to monstrumFeld.
– Load monstrumFeld to a MIDI track in your DAW.
– Select the MIDI out port connected to your synth in monstrumFeld’s “MIDI” menu.
– Ensure “Input from plugin host” and “Output to plugin host” are ticked in the “MIDI” menu.

I can trigger notes to the synth w/o issue from the editor loaded in ctrlr inside reaper after configuring everything, But when I send MIDI in from my kb controller that’s definitely getting seen and recorded by this track w/ ctrlr loaded, I’m not hearing notes, no data is going through my interface to the synth. the synth doesn’t get any note on/offs parameter changes, etc.

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